Saturday, October 27, 2012



So this is it....My highschool journey ends here...I have to work a little harder.

Sleepless nights, late studying, lots and lots of red bull and black coffee ( yes I dont drink milk with coffee ) :)

I can't believe it... now that I finshed school - all is left now is writing my finals. I'll be honest.. Im feeling super nervous but at the same time trying to remain calm..I mean worrying for something you cannot control is such a waste of time and happiness...

Studying for finals is not that easy when matric rage,Lady Gaga's Monster Ball tour here in SA and my 18th! ( yes Im still 17 in matric ) is just round the corner! eek! I still can't believe it! I feel so blessed, but right now I need to focus on passing my finals and then I can celebrate and SLEEEEEEP!! There is NO more room left for negativity and procrastination now. All I have is God and myself.... I have to succeed this time... I have to admit - my trial exams were shitty and this whole year was shitty (excuse the was sooo bad), soooooooooo as one says the road to success is failure.

As another chapter ends and new chapter begins... 12 years of school was hell of a ride! Never again.. now Im super stoked for university next year, bro.





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