Friday, December 30, 2011

What happened on Christmas day - part 1

Going to hospital on Christmas day is something I shall never forget. 

I was doing fine on christmas morning...I was just feeling a little tired and my eyes were burning. Everything started becoming sensitive to me. The lights, the sound of the radio or anything. 
On christmas eve, I was feeling normal and relaxed as usually, and just went out for dinner.
I could feel a slight pain in my head.
Nothing serious.

After receiving presents and giving out presents on Christmas morning, I decided to go back to sleep in my big comfy double bed which I am madly in love with.

Then about just after 11 I went back down stairs to have some breakfast. I couldn't finish it. I just left it and went straight up stairs to my bed. I felt totally drained and worn out. I shut my eyes and then the pain started.


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