Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Happy holidays

Four days till Christmas.

I honestly don't want my parents or my family to get me gifts this year. Yes christmas is all about giving and all that, but I believe in sharing happy moments with loved ones.

I realized that I haven't been going to church on Christmas day. I'm going to make the effort to go to church on this special day.

Because my parents are divorced now, christmas will never be the same again.

One big family having lunch by the pool, a beautiful sunny south african christmas with holiday music, me having to play 'we wish you a merry christmas' on piano and the family singing along and kids running around, and oops can smell the burnt chicken and the kitchen full of all sorts... is now gone.

I still celebrate christmas with my family but in different homes.

I can't complain but Im going to have to say that I think this year I've finally accepted the fact that I have two different homes and this is how christmas will always be.

Im just grateful that I have a home. I can still celebrate christmas with both my parents and my family that are close to me. Christmas like Thanksgiving but with christmas carols and a tree with decorations. Food will always be great. The chicken, salads, pastas, rolls and so on.... BUT.... when one suddenly turns vegetarian...yes me. Im limited. But no complains. Being vegetarian has been one of the best choices I ever made but at times I do regret when you just want that roast chicken gran or mum made in the oven 20 minutes ago.

I could kick myself at times but it was my choice and I won't go back. I've been strong and still going strong.....I find my strength in God. Yes I've been tempted at times but I don't want to disappoint myself.

I just want to take this christmas to spend time with my family and create and share new unforgettable moments and just forget any fear or anything that is in my mind that's putting me down and just smile and just be happy.

oh and I got to have my mince pies ( warm with custard) yum. And malva pudding with ice cream or with cream. My favorite.

I just hope everyone has a safe and a wonderful christmas. Don't want more drunk and driving or crime rates going high now especially in the holidays.

oh and I will be putting chocolate cookies and full cream milk on the table. Yes my 8 year old brother told me so. And supposedly dad will wake up just before 12 and eat them. But I think I'll join him. A father and  daughter moment.. stealing Santa's cookies. That's a wonderful christmas.

Happy holidays and merry christmas....
A braai and other wonderful homemade foods and wine, or soda and swimming in the pool and just being free and living the moment...pure happiness...

I just love a south african summer christmas.



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