Saturday, March 17, 2012

Let's make a difference today.

Joseph Kony is the WORLD'S worst criminal. I mean why take millions of innocent children and make them into war children or even sex slaves. I just cant imagine any living human being.
Wow, when they say ''history does have it's way of repeating it's self'' - it's true.
A modernised African Hitler.

I have a passion for children. Being a mentor for my grade 2 class, has changed me. Those grade 2 girls have motivated me to come to school, because they just make my day. :)

But this isn't about my grade 2's. This is about SAVING those children in Northern Uganda.

We as people have to stand and make a change. We need to take action. We need to care.

All I've been thinking about is those children, straight. I just hate that this is happening to them. I hate that they're forced to. I hate that this has been happening for over 20 years now and I didn't even know.

I just feel like South Africa seriously needs to get involved. During the easter holidays and so on... I just wanna start making t-shirts and creat an awareness for these INVISIBLE CHILDREN.

I dont want my little brother to be forced into a life or death situation. I dont want myself turned into a sex slave and scared for my own life. I just dont know how these children do it. These kids are only kids and they're being exposed to such -it's horrifying.

I cried for these children. I believe education is the key to one's life. I just wouldnt want ANY child being taken away from their own childhood, they're own freedom.

These kids deserve better. They deserve a home. They deserve a family. They deserve just being and living, free from any rational thoughts or any fear.

NO child should live in fear. NO child should be forced to kill.

April 20th is an important day as well. The day of the 'cover the night' and the night of my matric dance. I feel like this 'cover night for Kony 2012' is even more important than my matric dance.

I feel like nothing matters to me now, than these children.

It isnt funny, but it's funny how my art project this term relates to this whole campaign of invisible children, because my theme for my art is 'streetchildren' and I know it may not sound like it links but it's the whole idea of invisible children.

But if we have faith and just BELIEVE that we can; then WE CAN: just like Obama's own words ''Yes we can.''

How can we make a difference? Well that's easy. Join groups or the pages on facebook, just type ''KONY 2012'' and be a part of a revolution today. Start today.
Show that we can create peace and bring our world as one. These children need our help. If we can spread the news and let everybody know, that's like already 42 million people in south africa alone. Also visit :)


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